Student Services

Student Services

OIAH offers a wide range of student services, including acadmic advising, hands-on experience opportunities, as well as placement assistance.

Tutoring Services

Free tutoring is available to all current students of OIAH.

If you need tutoring, please contact your instructor or the Director of Nursing. Stop by the OIAH front office to set up an appointment.

Please visit our Tutoring Services page for more information!

Academic Advising

Program coordinators assist students in developing and following an academic plan providing for the timeliest and most efficient completion of their program of study. Periodic counseling sessions are scheduled to monitor and evaluate student progress. Students may contact their respective Program Coordinator at any time throughout the course of their studies by phone or e-mail.

ProgramContact NamePhone
Student/Career/Placement CounselingKim Bush937-237-1010 x252
Nursing Education ProgramsHeidi Schindler937-237-1010 x234

Placement Assistance

OIAH offers placement assistance to all graduates. OIAH cannot guarantee employment upon completion of the program. OIAH offices frequently receive telephone calls from individuals or employers seeking to hire holistic health and medical professionals, and as such referrals are made.

Ohio Institute of Allied Health maintains relationships with medical institutions and health care agencies throughout the state. Placement Assistance services are available through the Career Services office.

Student Practitioner Program

As an innovator in the firled of holistic education, OIAH participates in health fairs, conferences, sporting events and numerous other community/corporate events to increase public awareness of holistic health services and educational opportunities. In addition, at a point specific to each program, students will qualify to participate as Student Practitioners at these events. Participation provides the students: 1) A powerful marketing and networking tool for future employment opportunities, 2) An opportunity to meet academic requirements for independent practicum, and 3) Practical hands-on experience. Activities and events are available throughout Ohio. Available positions may be limited for these opportunities.