Closings and Emergencies


Closing the OIAH campus will occur only under extreme circumstances, such as severe weather or other emergency. Every effort will be made to maintain classes and keep the school open. In the event of severe weather or a declared state of emergency due to a dangerous situation, may result in delays or campus closure. Essential staff are still expected to report to work during a campus closure or delay in opening, unless due to safety concerns they choose to use a personal day or have been notified by the school director that they are to stay home.

Campus Closings and Procedures

In the case of a school closing/delay due to dangerous or inclement weather such as snow and ice, notification will be made to the students via Channel 7. This page will not be updated with inclement weather announcements or closures/delays. Notification and updates will be available in the following locations:

  • At the bottom of the Channel 7 broadcasting screen
  • On the WHIO Web site
  • On WHIO 1290 AM and 95.7 FM
  • Instructors will send either a text message or schoology message to notify students. (If class is delayed or canceled.)

You can also access the WHIO Closings webpage using the direct link below:

Student Notice:

**For inclement weather with which the school does not close or go on a delay for, and you feel is to dangerous to travel through, we advise that you do what you feel is best. It is ultimately up to student discretion if travel to campus is safe.

Commuting students with dangerous weather in their area must call the school the day of class to notify of intent to miss class. These students are required to make up time missed and any missed assignments. Students should communicate with their instructors in a timely manner to make arrangements for completion of assignments or make-up class time.

Please view the OIAH catalog for more attendance policy information. You may also contact the front office with any questions.

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