OIAH Scholarship

OIAH Educational Opportunity scholarship

OIAH offers a scholarship opportunity to all prospective students. The prospective student must submit a written essay and be prepared if necessary to interview with a grant and scholarship committee. The committee who will be reviewing the essay shall be composed of individuals who are employed outside the Ohio Institute of Allied Health.

Essays must be typewritten in no more than 550 and no less than 450 words.
Correct spelling and grammar is included in the evaluation process.

  • 1. Describe your professional goals and how education at OIAH will help meet these goals.
  • 2. Detail how a scholarship will be a benefit in relation to your financial needs.

Essays will be reviewed by a scholarship/grant committee and in the case of a tie applicants will be contacted for an interview to determine final awardees. The committee has the ability to issue 2 scholarships per quarter start. 15 verified hours of community service or volunteering and 3 letters of professional recommendation are also required. Letters of recommendation cannot be from family or friends. The decision of the committee is final.

If a scholarship is not granted to a new student they are welcome to apply for a grant after they complete 1 full quarter and receive their grade card – grant rules and regulations apply.
If a student completes a diploma program and begins another they are permitted to apply for a scholarship for the new program as long as they have received the diploma from the first and are in good financial standing.

The Ohio Institute of Allied Health, Inc. (OIAH) offers scholarships in compliance with the State of Ohio, Board of Career Colleges and Schools.
***The following criteria shall be used to clarify the rules of the award process of the Ohio Institute of Allied Health Educational Opportunity Scholarship.

  • The Ohio Institute of Allied Health Educational Opportunity Scholarship has a value of $2000.00
  • No more than $1,000 may be applied per quarter for full-time attendance; no more than $500 may be applied per quarter for part-time attendance.
  • In keeping with the above guidelines if $2000 is awarded, $500 will be awarded per quarter for full time students and $250 per quarter for part-time students. This award will be posted to the student’s ledger after the completion of each quarter, providing the student has grades which will allow advancement to the next quarter.
  • If a student fails to complete any quarter and withdraws, they forfeit any remaining scholarship amount still to be awarded. If said student then reapplies to the program or another program at OIAH, they will have to reapply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship is not a cash award and cannot be refunded to a withdrawing student.