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Important Notice

Book orders are normally placed for the prospective student planning to start for first quarter classes, before classes begin. After the first quarter, you will be given the option to continue having books ordered for you or you can place book orders on your own. Students will be given a form to fill out by the office administrative staff. This form should be turned in with your preference clearly stated.

If the form is not completed, book orders will automatically be processed by the school and the textbook charges will be applied to your ledger. You can request to change this at any point during your program, for the upcoming quarter. If you would like a copy of this form to turn in, please click Textbook Order Status Form.

Please Note: Returned books will not be accepted if they have been removed from any packaging, if they have been written/highlighted in, or obviously damaged in any way. OIAH does not resell used textbooks, and will not accept them in used condition.