State Tested Nurse Aide

About the State Tested Nurse Aide Program:

Our program focuses on basic nursing and personal care skills, as well as mental, social services and basic restorative needs. The patient’s/resident’s rights are also discussed as an important aspect of being a STNA.

Upon completion, our graduates are qualified to take the State Tested Nursing Assistant exam and qualify to work in home health, long term care and hospital settings.

State Tested Nurse Aide Program Coursework

CoursePrerequisiteContact HoursTuition Cost
STNA 100:
State Tested Nurse Aide
18 Years of Age/HS graduate or GEDMin. 75
59 Class/16 Clinical
Course TitleTotal Contact HoursCost
Total Contact & Clinical Hours and TuitionMin. 75
Classroom 59/16 Clinical
Estimated Cost of Textbook, Skills Lab Materials, and Uniforms (2)
****State Testing Fee is Included.
Total Program Cost$600

State Tested Nurse Aide – FAQs

How easy is it to get a job after completing this program?

There are many job opportunities to the STNA. The instructor posts jobs on the jobs board at the school and prints out current job opportunities for each class.

Where can I work after I become a STNA?

The STNA education allows individuals to work in any health care setting to include Long Term Care, Home Health Care, Assisted Living, and Hospitals.

Do I need to take the nurse aide training if I am planning on attending the practical nursing program at OIAH?

Most Nursing Programs, including ours, requires students take a Nurse Aide Training Program as a prerequisite to the Nursing Program.

What is OIAH's pass rate for the licensing exam?

OIAH’s passage rate for the 2015 year was 93%.

STNA Course Curriculum

STNA 100 Nursing Assistant Training – Minimum 75 contact hours

  • Course Description: This comprehensive course for Nursing Assistant Training includes 60-62 classroom hours and 17-20 clinical hours (based on whether attending a day or evening class). Students will learn basic nursing skills, personal care skills, mental health and social services needs, basic restorative services as well as patient’s/resident’s rights. Program is very experiential in nature with opportunity to practice learned skills. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student as a candidate for state testing to become a State Tested Nursing Assistant.
  • Learning Outcomes: 1) Explain the nursing assistant role in the long term care facility, in-home care, and in a hospital setting 2) Describe chronic disease symptoms of the elderly 3) Discuss/implement appropriate interventions for common elderly limitations 4) Follow a nursing assistant plan of care 5)Understand the Nursing Assistant role in documentation
  • Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED.

Admissions and Enrollment

Each program has its own set of Admissions requirements in order to enroll. Please view the following document to see the Admissions Policy for the State Tested Nurse Aide Program. All applicants for programs must be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate.

Click here to view the General School Enrollment Policy.

Disqualifying Offenses for Enrollment

A criminal background could prevent enrollment into the State Tested Nurse Aide program. Please click the PDF below to view disqualifying offenses.

STNA Disqualifying Offenses PDF

Contact Information

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