By Janelle Jones, Youthworks Volunteer

Volunteering gives you a chance to give back and there is a myriad of reasons why you should do so. You will be provided with many opportunities to develop new skills or building on existing experience and knowledge.


Volunteers are important because of the community organizations. The people willingly working together for the betterment of their community shows a lot. Volunteering enhances your qualities of life and saves resources. They gain professional experience. You make differences and every person counts. You may learn a lot about yourself, community, and government. Volunteering strengthens your community it supports families, improves schools,  supports youth, and beautify the community.



When you volunteer you are donating your time to someone’s needs. When houses get burned down and you volunteer to help you will be noticed. Everything that you do or have done is always will be noticed no matter what it is big, small, medium, or large if you help and give it your all everything will be noticed. I  know you want to be more than noticed but blessings will come to you. Volunteering is an amazing thing to do it makes you have more time than you thought you have.



While you volunteer you should feel valued and part of a working team. You may gain self-esteem and or confidence. Volunteering can help you make more friends maybe just for the time being but most people make long-term friends. Getting to know your local neighborhood is a great way to get to know the people right in your own community!         



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