by Janelle Jones, Youthworks Intern

The road to your RN license may seem daunting! Well, one must be willing and prepared to achieve such as an amazing goal, here are some facts and tips to help you on your road to becoming a licensed RN.


Different Jobs You Can Hold As A RN

A basic job for a nurse, doctor, or an assistant is helping patients get over their illnesses or battles of their health. Some nurses get moved around and can be in many roles at once.

 Locations & Positions

  • Hospitals: RN’s help perform diagnostic tests to make effective plans for patients care. They also explain how to handle the illness or injury.

  • Nursing homes: RN’s are required to take care of their patient’s personal hygiene and their daily care.

  • Doctors offices: RN ’S assist you to the doctor’s rooms.

  • Home Health: RN’s are responsible for caring for patients.

  • Clinics: RN’s are team players and typically contribute to large medical team missions. These are usually found in operating rooms, doctors offices, and intensive ambulatory care.



As an RN coming straight out of college you are able to make $20-$25 dollars per hour. RN’s have duties that they have to maintain to keep their jobs. Such as…….

  • Providing health promotion, counseling and education.

  • Perform physical exams and  determine health history

  • Administer medical and wound care Nemours others personalized interventions.

  • Interpret patient information and make critical decisions about the needed actions.

  • Coordinate care in collaboration  with a wide array of healthcare professional


 Home  health Open Positions

      Buckeye home health care 

  Aaran home health care

Alternate solutions health network

 Premier first home health care

State health care

Supreme touch services

Above are some job sites that have openings for RN positions for anyone who is interested.

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