What are medical assistants? Medical assistants are allied health professionals who work with physicians in medical offices and clinics. Medical assistants require minimum educational requirements. To become a medical assistant you must have a high school diploma. You also have to have medical assistant training and take a medical assisting exam. You can also take skills classes that deal with pharmacology, EKG, phlebotomy, and ethics   


What exactly do medical assistants do? Well, medical assistants have both administrative and clinical duties. The administrative duties include answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing patients medical records, and filling out insurance forms. The clinical duties include: preparing patients for exams, performing basic lab tests, drawing blood, taking electrocardiograms, and explaining treatment procedures. Doing these tasks you can work in areas like hospitals, physicians offices, and outpatient clinics



The starting pay for a medical assistant is around $14 .This usually increases to $15-18. The pay for a medical assistant is based on where they are working at and they’re experience. The average salary is $30,550 which again is the median or average pay. If you are interested in this profession and or have met the requirements you can search for local jobs with this link:


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