By Lena Arnold

Finding people to support an organization can be a daunting task, but when you have people like Madison Simmons it makes it all worthwhile. Over the summer Madison, a junior at Miami University worked with OIAH on a variety of projects in support of our mission, including the OIAH Trail Run.

As a Public Health and Interactive Media Studies major, Madison chose OIAH for her internship not just because of the friendly staff – who Madison admits she will miss – but also because the OIAH leadership gave her the space to exercise creativity in both media planning and fundraising.

“OIAH has been a really good place to intern,” stated Madison. “I feel like the leadership gave me concrete goals, but that they also allowed me freedom to try new things. I am really going to miss working here.  I love the people, and I am passionate about the mission. ”

Madison is truly an example of a volunteer who makes a difference. Her ingenuity and resourcefulness will be missed.  We truly wish Madison all best as she returns to school to continue her education.  Thank you, Madison!