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Are you ready for a positive student experience? At Ohio Institute of Allied Health (OIAH), providing you with the support you need to complete your program is a top priority. We want to help you get into school, and on to your career. It is important to us that you achieve your dreams. That means preparing you for the growing health job market.

From the first time you step on campus or speak with an enrollment specialist, you will have access to resources that will help you succeed in class and in life. OIAH offers free tutoring to applicants! Looking for a new job? A visit with career services can help. Our staff and faculty are prepared and willing to help in any way we can to make sure that you have the best college experience.

OIAH on a Mission


We are committed to the promotion of choice in health care for all individuals and in serving as a bridge between holistic and traditional healing philosophies. This is achieved by providing quality education programs.

We stress quality, comprehensive education and hire dedicated instructors with a passion for healthcare. Our campus is equipped with the facilities and resources you need to become another OIAH success story. If you need to study for a test, write a report or take a break with your classmates – OIAH is the place for you. At OIAH, we are on a mission to teach you what you need to be a success. This includes learning about both traditional and holistic principles, allowing our grads to enhance the patient care experience.

OIAH Community

Since moving to Huber Heights, we’ve established and refined relationships with local businesses and organizations to develop the OIAH community.  As an OIAH student, you are becoming a member of that prestigious community. So how does that help you? When you enroll, you become a member of that community, and our professional network becomes your professional network; leading to more job leads.

Once an OIAH student, always an OIAH student – After you graduate from the Ohio Institute of Allied Health, you become an integral part of the OIAH Community. We encourage all of our alumni to seek continuing education, research opportunities and hire other graduates in their own practices.

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