By Britany Ruby, MS

At Ohio Institute of Allied Health, we pride ourselves on being involved in our community. To assist with these efforts, we have started a Community Clinical class for our Registered Nursing Students. During the third quarter of their program, they are in charge of coming up with a public health service they can provide to the Huber Heights area.

This quarter students chose to educate the community on “The Truth about Immunizations“. They took weeks to create a pamphlet on the common myths surrounding vaccination and where to get children vaccinated.  After studying the demographic of the surrounding area, they found that it would be best to target; daycare’s, community centers and local doctor’s offices. The students spent the day driving around to local businesses to drop off pamphlets and were able to leave them at 3 out of 5.  The class stated that while doing their research they found that surrounding elementary schools only had an 84% vaccination rate and hope that this public health project will help improve that rate.



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