By Christina Mendez-Griffin

The Quarter is about to begin! This term, make a promise to yourself—You want to improve your study habits, don’t you? You can land straight A’s in all your classes. Here’s some tips to help you keep that resolution!

  1. Track Yourself – As each week begins, sit down and look ahead at your week. Figure out what’s going to be a good schedule for you as student and in your personal life. Make sure you are blocking off appropriate time to study, eat, and breaks, (so you don’t burn-out). Be realistic with yourself, as it is the only way planning a schedule will work. Once you have a schedule put it in a planner. You will have access to it easily should you need to make a change or make reference to it.
  2. Plan your meals – Being in any allied health program is tough and huge commitment – don’t forget to take care of yourself! Plan your meals ahead of time, then you’ll have no excuse to skip a meal. Meal Prep is proven to help individuals make healthier choices and cut down their monthly food bill.
  3. Make study goals – Along with staying organized, make some realistic study goals to ensure you are being productive and effective. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help formulate A+ study goals:
  • What should I do with my allotted study time?
  • Are their projects that I can work on that are due soon?
  • What information am I expected to know for next class?
  • How can I prepare for the next exam?

Remove all distractions. Turn the TV off and only check your phone once an hour. Remind yourself “why” you’re in school in the first place! Hopefully these tips will set you up for success and to fight procrastination.

Remember, graduation is the goal!!

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